Young Lions shows make for a disaster – Qualifier reveals: “It's going to be an absolute scandal” | game

Finland's under-20 men's national ice hockey team has already suffered its second defeat at the World Cup in Sweden.

Finland lost their opening match against Canada on Boxing Day, losing 3-4 to Germany in their second match. The defeat was historic as Nuoret Leijonat had won all previous matches against Germany at World Cup level (25 wins).

Even worse, Yle Urheilu's hockey expert On top of Nättinen I felt the way Finland's defeat came.

– The result is quite shocking considering the starting points of the match. When I went to watch this game, I wanted to see the Finnish mentality with a bigger lens. How the team comes to the game, how they fight on the field, how they live together on the bench. You can't see anything on the field. Not game-wise, and not mentally, Nättinen summed up.

In this article, expert Nättinen makes three very important points regarding the match against Germany and the continuation of the match.

Mental Side: Anxiety

Nättinen wondered if the lack of mental energy seen at the Canada tournament was not just the excitement of the first match or a surprise situation. Against Germany, it was all the same.

– When I saw the teams I played in the field, this match from Germany meant a lot to them. I can't say the same about Finland. Sometimes the game just doesn't work, and it's okay to make mistakes. But if there is no one mentally, I wonder about it.

Nättinen, who won gold at the Under-20 World Championships in Nuri Lejon in January 2014, wonders why the Finnish team hasn't shown up to these games. In under-20 competitions, passion, desire to show off and even overachievement were constant, he recalls.

– The way Finland showed itself in the ring was a big disappointment for me. For example, what the players looked like when they left after their goals. Samu Pao He seemed embarrassed by the goal. The Finns seemed to be concerned with “let's save the air against the loud ones, it's only Germany.” At the same time, Nättinen says, Canadians are already jumping to the edge of the Plexiglas to celebrate the first games.

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After the game, there was a sense of sadness among the Finnish players. Photo: Jussi Nugari / Lehtigua

According to him, the entire Finnish team seemed to think of the game as “another day at the office”, underestimating Germany. The result was finally visible on the light board at the end of the match.

The action of the coaching staff in the game also surprised Natty.

– Head coach Larry Mikola Seems very worried and uncertain. Having played under this kind of coaching myself in my career, I can tell you that it sticks with the team. If training is not involved in the hustle it will catch on very quickly.

According to Lauri Mikkola, you can bounce back in individual games like the match against Germany.

Playful Side: Lost

According to Nättinen, it was difficult to find positive aspects of Finland's playing side. Finland dominated the game at one point in the second period, putting more pressure on the German defenders. There was a lot left in the barrel after that episode.

– The cornerstone of Finnish ice hockey, namely team play, which starts building things under the umbrella, shines through its absence.

According to Nättinen, the young lions' game is on a tightrope. Players don't know how to read each other's moves or react to certain situations on the field.

– For this reason, even considering the general size of Under-20 matches, an incredible amount of bucks were lost. In the youth national teams, you could get them now and then, but now there were more of them, he says.

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– In my opinion, the attacking game includes above all pace, joint rhythms and passing chains. In that game, according to my calculations, Finland crossed the opponent's blue line five to six times. If Finland strikes well, it is often due to a single person having to take on more responsibility in long transits. It doesn't help the team play.

The German team cheered for victory.

Germany had something to celebrate after the match, Finland did not. Photo: Jussi Nugari / Lehtigua

According to Nättinen, this often leads to the previously mentioned puck losses due to pushing. In turn, they cannot react to these as a group.

Even the top figures in Finland are now very weak. Nättinen thought about the reasons why they could not show their proven best.

– Now I see that even the main people in the team have an actor that they are not doing well. Because they don't dare to be brave, and they don't support the way they play.

– The most blatant example is why Lenny Hamenahoe Plays with excellence in front of goal. I would like to know who is the player with a better shot, who has scored more than ten league goals and who has decided to be the goalscorer. That is why it makes no sense to expect consequences from him, for example.

The big picture: the ingredients of a disaster

Nättinen believes that Finland can repeat everything that has happened so far in the tournament. There is no opportunity to train and develop the players in the World Cup. If change is to come, it can only happen spiritually.

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However, the ingredients for a real disaster are at hand.

– In a picture of complete disaster, Finland's loss to Latvia in the upcoming match would mean a place in the qualifiers. That would be a complete scam. Finland's national ice hockey team should not be in such a situation. Now getting a good opponent to the playoffs is no longer a matter. Now we're playing to get to the playoffs.

Nättinen bears the biggest responsibility for a terrible start to the tournament for the young lions in Mikkola's coaching staff.

– Looking at the position of Finnish players in their own leagues among the seniors, the strength of the leading players on the World Cup stage should also be seen. I don't see any other reason at the moment other than they are playing a game they are not used to at the team level. They are well trained and they are very organized.

On the bench is Finnish youth national team head coach Lauri Mikkola.

Can Lauri Mikkola (right) finally tie Finland's ranking for the tournament? Photo: Jussi Nugari / Lehtigua

Nättinen says he passes the buck to the higher levels of coaching. That is, for those who chose this group to coach Young Lions.

– By what process and on what basis those selections have been made. What is the ability of Larry Mikkola to pilot the team in such a difficult situation?

– or let's think about it Juicy from Jogi, he may have been brought into the coaching staff to convince young players of the message with the authority that NHL life provides. Now in a difficult spot, his role is also put in a difficult light: Does he have enough experience or ability to act as a coach?

Nättinen ends with a reflection.

– At the end of the day, you have to think about whether the people serving this age group are trained there. Find out how to support them. When you think about it, maybe this coaching staff is rallying more for Larry Mikola than the players and the game for the better.

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